Simple Throw Pillow

- Best for Placing Sofa Pillows

- Appropriate for Inserting Designer Cushion Covers

- Offering Back Support and Promoting Proper Posture

- Enhancing Comfort on Bedding or Sofas

- Made in Malaysia (Straight from the Factory)

- Crafted with High-Quality Workmanship

- Gentle and Plush

- Free from Unwanted

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✅ If you are looking for a super affordable home decor products to change the style / add more style for your Living Room, Bedroom & Dining Rooms, cushions are your first choice!

✅ After hectic working hours, just lie / sit on bean bag / sofa and hug the cushion, it is so soft & comfortable

✅ Suitable to be placed at Sofa, Bean Bag, Car, Bed, Balcony,

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